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Dr. Dean Toriumi

Dr. Dean Toriumi is a Chicago-based plastic surgeon. He suffered a strong electrical shock in 2006 which might have affected his surgical abilities. The guy has a ton of negative reviews online left by disgruntled patients. 

The following Dr. Dean Toriumi review goes a step further and looks into his past, his present, and helps you make a better-informed decision about him. Read on to find out why you should avoid working with this surgeon: 

About Toriumi Facial Plastics Founder: Dr. Dean Toriumi, Wife, Cost, Book, Age, etc.

Dr. Dean Toriumi Toriumi Facial Plastics
Dr. Dean Toriumi From Toriumi Facial Plastics

Dr. Dean Toriumi is a plastic surgeon based in Chicago, Illinois. His clinic is located at 60 E Delaware Pl #1425, Chicago, IL 60611. Currently, he is a professor and director of resident research at the University of Illinois. 

It is estimated that Dr. Dean Toriumi age is around 55-60 years old. He could be older. The man lives a very private life. Hence, there’s no information on Dean Toriumi wife as well.

He has written a book that highlights his signature rhinoplasty method. However, I don’t know how helpful that book would be. Why? 

Because most Dr. Dean Toriumi reviews suggest that he doesn’t know how to perform a rhinoplasty. I found many reviews where people are facing serious repercussions for hiring Dr. Dean. 

The doctor is trying his best to seem like an expert when the evidence says otherwise. In the later sections of this article, I have shared numerous Dr. Dean Toriumi reviews. So, you can understand why I doubt Dean’s reliability. 

Many shady doctors try to create an illusion about their skills. They are incompetent and even negligent. But they try to hide it by spending money on PR and paid articles. Dr. Jason Diamond is an excellent example of such a doctor. That man has posted fake pictures on his website to deceive consumers. 

The next section will explain the nature of Dr. Dean Toriumi reviews better: 

Dr. Dean Toriumi Reviews: Burying Truth With Lies?

Dean Toriumi has a ton of negative reviews online. I have shared some of them in this column. However, you wouldn’t find them easily. Why? 

Because Dean has buried them with positive reviews. 

When you google “Dr. Dean Toriumi reviews” you get mixed results. However, there’s a slight difference between his negative reviews and the positive ones. Most of the positive reviews are vague and share little to no information about the experience. 

On the other hand, the negative reviews are very detailed. 

You should be wary of businesses whose positive reviews are vague and little. Usually, it suggests the business bought fake reviews online. Fake reviews are one of the biggest problems for the modern consumers. 

There can be many reasons to buy fake reviews. I believe that Dean bought those fake reviews because he doesn’t want people to read the actual reviews. Granted, some of them are too painful to read. 

However, those reviews would expose him. Too many people are suffering because Dean couldn’t perform a procedure properly. His fake reviews allow him to bury them. 

Dr. Dean Toriumi Realself: Exposed On The Open-Forum

I’m not the only person who thinks Dr. Dean Toriumi is a fraud. There are many people who share the same thought. 

I found a long discussion on a forum that talked about this doctor. 

Most people highlighted that Dr. Dean is a fraud who has built a fake reputation. They talk about the various bad reviews Dr. Dean has on the internet and suspected that he uses fake reviews to mislead customers. 

Clearly, I’m not the only one who has suspicions on Dean’s online presence. There are many others who think like me. 

For example, the following commenter points out that the prices of Dean’s clinic are ridiculously high and patients have no reason to lie in their reviews. Especially, when they are giving bad reviews. 

Similarly, the following person highlights how some of his patients had to go back a 3rd time and still received poor results. 

The marketing team working for Dean Toriumi caught wind of this forum probably. So, they tried to post a fake positive review here. 

However, a commenter exposed their lame attempt at misleading consumers. They asked the “happy client” to share pictures of their procedure’s results privately. But they didn’t comply. Instead, they asked the other person to share their pictures first. What kind of a response is that? 

Many people are against Dr. Dean Toriumi’s negligent practice. Before I talk about the various reviews this surgeon has I must highlight a very important detail. Dr. Dean Toriumi might not be physically fit to perform any procedures:

Dr. Dean Toriumi Might Be Impaired: Electrocuted At Ritz-Carlton Hotel In 2006

Dean had filed a lawsuit against the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in 2006. He filed the lawsuit because he sustained an electric shock while he was staying at one of their hotels. 

There isn’t much information about the lawsuit available online. But it’s a huge revelation. Why would Dr. Dean Toriumi file a lawsuit against the hotel if the electric shock wasn’t a significant one?

The long term effects of an electric shock can impair someone permanently. Moreover, it affects the nerves and the brain. Such damage can develop several months after the shock. Some effects of electric shock include:

  • Weakness
  • Tingliness
  • Damage in eyes (cataracts)
  • Difficulty in moving a limb
  • Psychiatric disorders

The extent of damage an electric shock inflicts on someone depends on various factors. This includes the strength of the shock, duration of the shock, the most affected area, etc. 

Certainly, the shock Dr. Dean suffered at Ritz-Carlton wasn’t a small one. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sued them in the first place. 

It would be best if the medical board reviews the physical and mental fitness of Dr. Dean. He might not be fit for his role as a plastic surgeon. And it might be putting the lives of his patients at excessive risk. 

Now that you’re a little familiar with Dr. Dean Toriumi we can discuss the various reviews on his services. They will show you the truth about this surgeon which he doesn’t want you to know about. 

Major Nose Swelling After Rhinoplasty, Even After A Decade Or Recovery

Dean had done a secondary Rhinoplasty on this person 10 years ago. However, the swelling hasn’t gone away. Their nose is still heavy, wide, shapeless, and forms a block on their face. The reviewer had spent $30,000 on the rhinoplasty. It’s quite an expensive amount. Even though Dr. Dean Toriumi rhinoplasty cost is so high, it’s not worth it. That’s obvious from the numerous negative reviews available online.

Moreover, Toriumi didn’t offer to fix the issue. He told the patient to stop eating salt and massage the nose. Both of these things had no effect on the person’s swelling. 

Botched Nose Job & Dr. Toriumi’s Fake Claims

This person’s nose job went horrible. Two years have passed since they had the procedure but their nose still looks awful. The person even compares their nose with a baseball injury. 

Dr. Toriumi doesn’t take responsibility for botching the rhinoplasty he did on this person. Instead, he tells them to tape the nose. 

You should be wary of doctors who refrain from taking responsibility. It’s the sign of something fishy in most cases. Dr. Randal Haworth is an excellent example of such a doctor. That man has a small disclaimer on his website that frees him from any responsibility of his actions. So, you can’t take legal action against him if he botches your procedure. You’ll be responsible for his botched procedure. 

Apparently, Dr. Toriumi is like that guy as well. He also avoids responsibility. 

The person also points out that the staff working under Dean is very rude. 

Makes Nostrils Huge & Ruins The Life Of Patient

The above reviewer wants to see Dr. Toriumi in jail. He botched their procedure like all the ones I have discussed in this article. Keep in mind that the Dr. Dean Toriumi rhinoplasty cost is very high. This person must have spent a fortune on getting the nose job. And he gave them a large nose with a crooked nostril. 

More Fake Claims By Dr. Dean Toriumi Result In Horrible Results

This reviewer complains that Dean doesn’t listen to his patients. He made unwanted changes to the person’s nose. And that’s after the patient had a detailed discussion with Dean about the results they desired. 

Obviously, Dr. Toriumi doesn’t care about his patients and their satisfaction. His sole focus is on how much he can squeeze out of a patient’s pockets. That’s it. 

Wide Crooked Nose After Procedure

This reviewer also received poor results because of Dr. Dean Toriumi’s incompetence. They have a wide and crooked nose with wedges cutting out of the nostrils. 

Lies About Before-After Results To Leech Thousands In Medical Fees

Dr. Dean Toriumi reviews 1

The reviewer above had a consultation with Dr. Dean a year before they posted the review. Instead of asking the person what results they were looking for Dean simply showed them an artificial image. And he promised he would give them a nose like the one he was displaying on the screen.

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He told the patient that their nose would start functioning better after the rhinoplasty. But that didn’t happen. Dean didn’t discuss the cosmetic aspects of his surgery as well. 

He was adamant on removing extra rib cartilage and storing it in the back of the patient’s skull. It’s quite an unorthodox practice but the patient agreed because of his pressure. 

However, the results were grotesque. The reviewer describes their nose as one with a round bulb-like tip and a very thick dorsum. Moreover, Dean put a graft on the person’s tip which further degrades its appearance. That’s not all. Dean was unaware of the results this person wanted. They complained about the lack of attention this surgeon gave to them. 

What’s worse is that the procedure didn’t solve their breathing problem completely. The person still feels difficulty in breathing while lying on their side. So you can understand how wasteful the entire procedure must have felt to this person. 

They spent nearly $30,000 to get a rhinoplasty from Dr. Dean Toriumi. Yet, they didn’t receive any positive results whatsoever. 

Dean told them that he can do a revision procedure but his behaviour hadn’t changed. He was still shrugging off any responsibility and didn’t care about the results the person wanted. Hence, the person avoided getting a procedure from him. 

$30k For A Disfigured Nose & Life Time Of Trauma

Dr. Dean Toriumi reviews

This person had a bulky nose that caused them a lot of pain and ruined their aesthetic look. And that was all because Dr. Dean botched their procedure. The reviewer says that if a person wants a Neanderthal look, only then should they hire Dr. Dean. They warn others against hiring this doctor and suggest avoiding him. 

Makes Female Patient’s Nose “Manly” & Charges $30,000 For It

Dr. Dean Toriumi review 7

This person had brought pictures to show what kind of results they wanted when they met with Dr. Dean Toriumi. However, that man didn’t care about them. He charged the person $30,000 like he usually does. And he gave them the opposite of what they had requested. 

Moreover, he gave this person a manlier nose. He cut off some cartilage between their eyes. That ruined their appearance further. The person shares that they joined an online group where other victims of Dr. Dean share their experiences with one another. Imagine how many lives this man has ruined that they operate support groups to help new victims. 

Beware of such doctors. A botched rhinoplasty can be very taxing on your health and self-esteem. Dean isn’t the only doctor who is notorious for botching rhinoplasties. Dr. Gary Motykie is a Beverly Hills based surgeon who has ruined many people’s lives through his negligent rhinoplasties. The guy doesn’t take any responsibility for his poor procedures. 

Many of his patients have come forward and shared their negative experiences like in this case. That’s why you should conduct proper research on a surgeon before hiring him or her. 

Unprofessional Staff & Pushy Sales Tactics By Dr. Dean Toriumi

This person had broken their nose through an accident and wanted a qualified surgeon. One of their friends recommended that they go to Dr. Dean. They had to wait for 2 hours at Dean’s clinic even though they had an appointment and had reached before the designated time. Dean behaved very rudely with this person. And he quoted three different prices for different procedures. The prices of those procedures ranged from $10,000 to $18,300. The person was very disappointed with their experience with Dean. Moreover, the office staff behaved very unprofessionally with this person which ruined their experience further. 

Painful & Asymmetrical Grafts From Dr. Toriumi Results In Permanent Nose Damage (with picture)

Dr. Dean Toriumi review 6
Dr. Dean Toriumi review 5

There are many victims of Dr. Dean Toriumi. This person is one of them. They used to post on rhinoplasty forums when they were looking for revision suggestions. Dean had botched their rhinoplasty by putting hard cartilage graft in their nose on both sides. This caused them discomfort and breathing issues for 12 years. 

The patient never gave consent to this. They contacted 10+ surgeons over the years who all told them that it was an unnecessary procedure. Also, the graft made their tip bulkier which they didn’t want. 

That’s not all. Dean’s marketing team started harassing this person online when they were looking for second opinions. They were sharing their experiences with Dr. Dean on a rhinoplasty forum with several other victims. Suddenly, a random user started appearing on the forum and he started posting the private information of this person. 

The reviewer points out that such information was only available to Dr. Dean himself. No one else had access to that data. Dean had given them eight grafts that created a cross-eyed appearance and an asymmetrical nose. He did all of this in a three-hour surgery. 

The patient points out that Dr. Dean Toriumi has started forcing his patients to sign a form that says they won’t post any negative reviews about him online. 

Dean had requested to see this person once a month after the surgery. However, he wouldn’t address their issues. Instead, he would talk for 5-minutes and leave the chamber in a hurry. The person who had referred the reviewer to Dr. Dean also has a crooked nose now. You can how Dean ruined this person’s nose in the image below:

Dr. Dean Toriumi review 4

More Dr Dean Toriumi Reviews:

There were a lot more reviews on this surgeon. I thought it would be better if I shared some of them below:

Dr. Dean Toriumi review 3
Dr. Dean Toriumi review 2
Dr. Dean Toriumi review 1
Dr. Dean Toriumi review

Dr. Dean Toriumi Review Summary

If there’s one surgeon you should avoid, it’s Dr. Dean Toriumi. His physical fitness is under suspicion, he has numerous negative reviews online, and uses unethical tactics to promote himself. 

All in all, it would be best to avoid this guy. There are a ton of other nose surgeons you can hire in Chicago. You don’t have to rely on this guy for your rhinoplasty. Chances are, he would leave you with a botched nose and unwanted results. 

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Dangerous to Work With

Dr. Dean Toriumi has many issues. The guy has too many negative reviews online. His patients complain that he doesn’t listen to them, botches procedures, treats them rudely, and charges extra. All of this suggests that it would be best to avoid him.

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    Oh my God

    How is Dean even allowed to run a clinic???

    This is pure negligence that’s what it is. He doesn’t like a guy who does a rhinoplasty for free. He must be charging a lot for even touching the nose of his patients. All of those women spent their hard-earned money only to get ripped off. What a shame.

    - CONS: Heartless doctor No care for patients ruins lives
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  2. Is the reviewer a former patient of Dr Toriumi?

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    Here is a surgeon who probably can’t even see clearly taking tens of thousands of dollars from people only to offer them disappointing services. I’m surprised to see him operate like this. There is something seriously wrong with our system if we’re allowing crooks like Dr. Dean Toriumi to perform surgeries on people.

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